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Block Chain Consultant

Part One:Idea Development

Task Description:Work with team on integration of blockchain layer to their idea, determine the economic model and utility of the token in the platform.

Part Two:Preparation of Internal Decumentation

Task Description : Write White Paper of the project an assist in preparation of other internal documentation (technical papers, pitch decks).

Part Three : Legal

Task Description : Advising on regulatory aspects

It will be critically important to ensure that the proposed tokenization is not considered a security or your project will be governed by securities regulations and all the liabilities and disclosure requirements attached.

Will also need to determine location of incorporation of the foundation and OpCo,     the form of incorporation, handling the token sale and marketing, post-ICO fund custody, optimum tax structure.

We usually project manage ad work with advisors in various jurisdictions depending  on the proposed jurisdiction if incorporation. Costs quoted include costs on local advisors.

Part Four : Initial Smart Contract and Token Development

Task Description : If the concept will be utilizing smart contracts, prepare initial version of the smart contracts(conplete testing and audit). Development of the token for the system (if the client does not have specific requirements ERC20 tokens will be issued).

Part five : ICO Strategy Development

Task Description : Develop roadmap and strategy for the upcoming ICO. This also includes consulting on pricing, early bird discounts and vesting strategy ( to avoid pump and dumps right after ICO)

Part six : Website Development

Task Description : Develop the website of the project, create social media presence for the team.

Part seven : Development and Execution of PR and Marketing Campaign

Task Description : Plan and run the Marketing campaign of the ICO (including preparing articles and other content, inbound marketing, initiation and management of marketing bounties, arranging publications in the blockchain orientated news channels, promoting the project in forums, advising the team on outbound marketing, etc.

Part Eight : ICO Community Management

Task Description : Includes lower level ongoing communication with potential investors,community development and management, commuincation with influencers in the space 

Part Nine : Pre-sale Consulting

Task Description : Involves assistacne and consulting in the pre-ICO road show.

Part Ten : Provision of ICO Hosting

Task Description : Find the ICO hosting platform or integrate ICO hosting system into the project's website to organize the fundraising internally

Part Eleven : KYC Execution

Task Description : Excution of KYC process during token sales.

Part Twelve : Wallet and Escrow Account Services

Task Description : Assistance in creation of secure wallet infrastructure, including multi-signature  wallets, escrow asscounts, multi-currency payment processing, custodial advisory.

Part Thirteen : Distribution of the Tokens and Post ICO Investor Relationship

Task Description : Includes management of taken distribution process as well as addressing complaints/problems raised immediately in the Post-ICO.


Add: Suite 401, Level 4, 447 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Tel: +61 2 9283 4808